About Us

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m responsible for most of the recipes you’ll find on The Floor is Carbs. I grew up in North Carolina where I played tennis most of my younger life into college. My biggest passions now, are my pets or my “fur-babies” as I call them, spending time with my family and of course tinkering in the kitchen with new low-carb ideas.

Hey, I’m Wells. I handle the technical side and development of the site and the podcast. When not brainstorming awesome ideas for The Floor is Carbs; I prefer to spend my free time outdoors, kayaking, biking, fishing etc.

“Follow our journey to weight loss and better health, as we help you with yours”

We want to help others in their journey to better health. That’s why we have decided to compile recipes, info, tips and stories that have helped us (and continue to) and share them with you.

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