Top 5 Low-Carb Fast Food Options

We have all been there, whether your on a long road trip or you just forgot to pack your lunch for work that day, at some point in time, fast food will end up as your only option.

If your a low carber like us, that thought may make you cringe but never fear, there are actually a few decent options at those drive-thrus.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 Low-carb friendly fast food options that we have found.

If you had rather listen here is an episode of our podcast we did on this very subject.

*Find THE FLOOR IS CARBS podcast on all major podcast players.

5. Hardee’s / Carl’s JR.

Called Hardee’s on the east coast, Carl’s Jr. out west, the menus are nearly identical and many keto and low-carb dieters don’t realize you can ask for virtually any burger on the menu to be put in a lettuce wrap.

That’s right , so whether you go with their “Monster Thick Burger” or a more modest option make sure to ask them to make it in a lettuce wrap and skip the fries of course.

4. Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s has their UnWich option. It’s basically their take on the lettuce wrap option. Still freaky fast, but now with less carbohydrates and guilt.

3. Which Wich

Yet another Lettuce wrap option but this time with a little more variety available. Which Wich allows you to get any of their cold (non toasted) sandwiches in a lettuce wraps or simply build your own.

Building your own is really where it’s at in our opinion. So many great quality options makes this our highest ranked lettuce wrap on the list. We simply love the option of sliced eggs and bacon on our turkey wraps.

2. Chick-Fil-A

Several great options here… Grilled nuggets for that quick-grab bite to eat, and many salad options are also available. The salad options are mostly low-carb and keto friendly, you may have to review the ingredients and dressings currently offered in their salad options as they sometimes vary. A simple omission of any questionable carbs or sugars should work just fine.

1. Chipotle

Our favorite option on the list currently is Chipotle. We can’t tell you how often we have been out and wanted something hot but not fast food. While Chipotle actually offers several keto friendly bowl options, we prefer to just build our own. With options like Chicken, Beef, pulled meats, Guacamole and cheeses, you shouldn’t have many hiccups finding an option that fits you.

No more excuses! Let this list open your eyes to just a few of the many options available to you, no need to cheat or lose any ground you have gained, think outside the box and most importantly …STAY AWAY from those CARBS!

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